Partnerships with experts in specialist fields to promote African development

Germany : Lorentz, Gauff, Lucas Nuelle, Cronimet
France : Oberthur Technologies, Dalet
Netherlands : Point Of View
Swiss : Vestergaard


USA : Microsoft (Dpt Éducation), GTP
Brazil : Solektra Brazil



China : Sumec, Huawei, Nari
South Korea : Samsung
India : Lesdep Skills Center


Tunisia : Omniacom


« We work with the best in each field, global leaders such as Microsoft, Samsung, Huawei, and others. These are all firms with a proven track record in their specialist field. They are solid financially and can deploy solutions on a massive scale to meet the rocketing demand in our markets. We are above all responsible for providing our customers with the best products and services.  We can only help Africa if we ask from our partners the best quality, the best prices and the most innovative solutions ».


Samba Bathily, Founder, ADS Group