Boosted by major infrastructure projects, the construction sector plays an instrumental role in African development today.  According to Deloitte, $325 million was invested in construction projects in Africa in 2014, up 46% on the previous year. ADS Group’s subsidiaries in many West African countries demonstrate that the firm’s activity in the region: Mali Construction Services, Guinea Construction Services, Ivory Coast Construction Services. There is also a strategic partnership with CMC (Construction Métalliques et Chaudronnerie), a company that is specializing in constructions in the water sector. The ADS Group, working together with its partners, is developing strategic projects using an integrated approach – from supplying equipment to concrete construction projects.


«This is much more than a network of high-quality residences – we want to offer services to support new elites and their projects and thus also support the transformation of the expanding world economy.»

Samba Bathily, Founder, ADS Group




(Mali Construction Services, Ivory Coast Construction Services, Guinea Construction Services) Those companies offer integrated services - from equipment rental to coordination and building, with the support of dedicated teams. Their track record includes major projects such as: in the Republic of Guinea: a project to build the Conference center of the Palace of the Nations, in partnership with the Moroccan society Itqane; in Ivory Coast: several projects to build schools; in Mali, several on-going projects for the construction of buildings.




CMC Constructeur (Construction Métallique et Chaudronnerie) specializes in cutting and forming sheet metals, constructing pipes in Galva or black steel (industrial buildings), assembling pieces, manufacturing and repairing body of the buckets,
cups, metal frames and hoppers.
Its pieces are used by medium and large companies; CMC has a specific experience in:
-Manufacturing parts for heating or air conditioning systems;
-Water and sanitation constructions. It has notably ne of the subcontractors selected in 2010 for a project aimed to build water towers in Mali funded by the European Union.
-Developing tailored installations, such as a grain cleaner for oilseeds expert Huicoma a crushing plant for a cement plant for company Diamond Cement or hangars and workshops.

The ADS Group is making important investments in premium real estate. The firm aims to create an international network of residences and properties for a demanding clientele, including international leading figures in the business or entertainment sectors, but also people working for institutions and opinion leaders coming from all around the world. This real estate network, with access granted on exclusive basis, will offer an ideal setting for informal and business interactions, to share unique moments such as private concerts, and for networking during conferences or high-level dinners. More specific services will be offered to client members.

This project aims to meet the needs of the new international economic and political elites, coming from emerging countries such as Brazil, India, and beyond, from Middle East or Asia. Those elites works together with their African, European or American counterparts to set up new models of development   that can meet all the challenges that their countries are facing such as a strong economic growth, the demographic explosion or technological breakthroughs. Clients-members will be able to share their own vision of development and emergence, and discuss very discreetly about business and investment opportunities.

The residences ware also expected to host high-level events, with the presence of international figures to discuss on specific economic topics and challenges related to global growth.

The first residences will open by the end of 2016.