As the name suggests, the objective of the “African Development Solutions” Group is to research, identify and promote solutions that will drive African development.  Under the guidance of founder, Samba Bathily, the concept behind this project is quite simple – “Africa can drive the future global economy, as long as we give this continent, immensely rich in natural and financial resources as well as in talent and creativity, the means for development”.

Founded by Samba Bathily in 2004, the ADS Group operates in sectors of vital importance to Africa’s economy – project finance; renewables and access to water; media, new technologies and communications; infrastructures, construction, resorts and real estate; vocational training and youth employment; retail industries and  franchising; automobile and logistics.

To date the ADS Group can proudly put its name to a number of success stories that have made a difference in Africa. These include the Afritek-IT initiative launched with Samsung and Microsoft, the Akon Lighting Africa project, Le Bon Pain Group’s distinct distribution model, and the launch of microcredit services by Yiriwa. Concurrently, the Group’s founder, Samba Bathily, continues to build increasingly ambitious objectives for Africa and Africans.