24 december 2019 ADS launches the Afro Creative Ecosystem Meet up

Dec 24, 2019 | Press release

Afro Creative Ecosystem Meet-UP

Paris- December 24, 2019- From December 27 to 31, Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde, will host an unprecedented event: Afro Creative Ecosystem Meet-UP (A.C.E.).

Organized by the serial entrepreneur Samba Bathily, President CEO of ADS Group & Mathilde Lafarge, CEO of ONYX, gathered within the company DEEP, A.C.E. aims to enhance the African creative potential by bringing together strategic players for the emergence of a creative industry in Africa.

“We know the potential of African creative industries. We know what economic impact they can have, how they can foster African unity, what role they can play in changing perceptions about Africa and Africans. Harnessing Africa’s creative potential is what we want to do and what we stand for at Dream Exclusive Entertainment Production (DEEP), because our objective is to stimulate in a concrete and operational way, to raise awareness of these industries inside and outside the continent. Today we need to structure the market in such a way as to protect, finance and promote creation while at the same time truly opening up opportunities for players in the sector,” explains Mathilde Lafarge, CEO of ONYX and a partner in DEEP.

Mindelo, cultural capital of Cape Verde

A.C.E is symbolically hosted by Mindelo, the cultural capital of Cape Verde, lulled by the eternal melodies of Cesaria Evora, which also houses the Floating Hub, a production and entertainment centre for contemporary music, arts and culture by ADS Cabo Verde designed by Afrochampion architect Kunlé Adeyemi, NLÉ Works.

Bringing together 50 key players representing the great diversity of African creative communities

A.C.E. is a groundbreaking event organized by the ADS Group and DEEP (Dream Exclusive Entertainment Production), whose objective is to bring together 50 key players representing the great diversity of African creative communities. Together, they will meet and discuss solutions and ideas to support African creative talent through financial or technical partnerships.

Launch of “DREAM TV” a pan-African entertainment channel

On the sidelines of the meeting will be announced the upcoming launch of “DREAM TV”, a pan-African general entertainment channel with a significant musical component, accompanied by a community website, a relay for the channel, a vehicle for promoting the channel and its programmes and for communication with and among its audience.

About DEEP
DEEP is a Tool for the creation, production, management and enhancement of audiovisual content for african and afro-descendant audiences (large public and professionals)

About ADS Group
ADS Group (ADS) was launched in 2004 by Samba Bathily, a world-renowned African entrepreneur who pioneered the financial structuring of major infrastructure projects, particularly in the field of new technologies and clean energy. Under the ADS umbrella is a dynamic group active in the sectors of project-financing and consulting; technologies; industrial development; renewables and access to water; distribution and franchising; infrastructures, real estate, hotels and construction; automobile and logistics.
With regards to technologies and telecommunications, ADS has a specific experience in telecom infrastructure deployment as well as in the provision, through its key brands Afritek and Africa Digital Solutions, of solutions and products to offer tailored support to African Governments, Institutions and the Private sector. ADS is currently focusing efforts on helping to connect the african continent through a number of strategic projects, including cross-border country interconnectivity or digital solutions associated to off-grid renewable energy to support the development of African rural areas.
ADS is also the mother-company of Multi Industries Group, which leverages solar solutions to manufacture electricity equipment, mobility solutions and computers. Another of ADS’ famous ventures is Solektra International, which has launched an initiative that promotes awareness and usage of innovative solar solutions. To date more than 1775 localities have been electrified and positively impacted across the continent.

About the Floating Creative Hub of Mindelo
Floating Music Hub, Mindelo is a contemporary music, arts and cultural production and entertainment center by ADS Cabo Verde designed by Afrochampions architect Kunlé Adeyemi, NLÉ Works. Inspired by Cape Verde‘s rich cultural, historical and environmental resources, the Floating Music Hub located in Mindelo bay of Sao Vicente Island, is a vessel of return for influential creatives and industry leaders in the diaspora and across the African continent for creative collaborations, knowledge sharing and economic development of the African continent. Scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2020, the hub will host a variety of programs including music, dance, arts, film and fashion through international residency programs with established artists in collaboration with upcoming and local artists. The Floating Music Hub will be managed in partnership with DEEP
The Floating Music Hub is an adaptation of MFS™ by NLÉ – a nature based prefabricated, modular timber floating building system that can be assembled and dissasembled easily for various waterfront developments.

About “DREAM TV”
“DREAM TV” will be a pan-African general entertainment channel with a significant musical component, accompanied by a community website, a relay for the channel, a vehicle for promoting the channel and its programmes and for communication with and among its audience.
It is intended to be broadcast in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa and also aims to reach the French-speaking African diaspora in Europe; English and Portuguese-speaking versions are envisaged thereafter to address all audiences on the continent.
The channel targets a mixed audience of women and men, 18-45 years old, urban.
Its mission statement is as follows: “DREAM TV” is an entertainment television channel that mirrors modern Africa and its new cultures, trends and lifestyles, with a strong musical component, aimed at all French-speaking Africans adults and young adults, living on the continent and elsewhere in the world.
The programs will offer a balanced mix of music, fiction, reality TV and small magazines.
A high proportion of the programmes will be self-produced thanks to the mixed music and video recording studio currently under construction in Mindelo (Cape Verde); this studio, the Hub Creative Floating Studio, the real nerve centre of the channel, with all its associated post-production technical equipment (editing rooms, mixing studio, etc.) will make it possible to host musicians for sound recordings and also to create programmes of its own, marking the channel’s identity (concerts, showcases, magazines, events, etc.). It is also planned to embellish the programme schedule with an original reality TV programme with a strong identity and high audience potential.
The channel aims at a wide distribution and the choice of the distribution model (channel included in a pay-TV package – free channel) will depend on subsequent trade-offs.