chairman of the Board

Samba Bathily

Born in Mali, Samba Bathily is a world-renowned African entrepreneur who pioneered the financial structuring of major infrastructure projects, particularly in the field of new technologies and clean energy. To date, Samba Bathily has structured a project portfolio worth more than $ 4 billion in many strategic areas: optic fibre, renewables, hydraulic dams, identification, data centers, building and construction. Thanks to his global network, he excels at establishing innovative financial strategies and partnerships between private and public entities, local and international financial institutions and banks. He is now recognized as one of those


In order to better structure his various businesses, Samba launched the ADS Group in 2004; under this umbrella there is a dynamic group active in the sectors of project-financing and consulting; technologies and media; industrial development; renewables and access to water; distribution and franchising;  infrastructures, real estate, hotels and construction; automobile and logistics. One of ADS Group’s most famous ventures is Solektra International, which has launched an initiative that promotes awareness and usage of innovative solar solutions; to date more than 1775 localities have been positively impacted across the continent – which represents 7 000 000 people as each locality brings together, in a village or across scattered settlements, 4 000 inhabitants on average; ADS is also the mother-company of Multi Industries Group, which leverages solar solutions to manufacture electricity equipment, mobility solutions and computers. The group also includes two subsidiaries dedicated to telecommunications and new technologies aggregating solutions and products to offer tailored support to African governments, institutions and companies; Africa Digital Solutions is positioning itself as a specialist player in the design and management of digital infrastructure solutions along the value chain; Afritek, an operational subsidiary, is responsible for implementing these projects. One of the key projects currently being led by the ADS group is aimed at achieving the digital interconnectivity of 7 Western African countries, as part of efforts to achieve the African single digital market.

As part of his commitment to Africa’s development, Samba Bathily is one of the co-founders and strategic contributors to the AfroChampions Initiative, an innovative platform promoting intra-african trade as a means to accelerate Africa’s growth. He has also set up financing and business advisory vehicles to support African entrepreneurs and start-ups.