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Saliha Doumbia

Group Secretary General

Saliha Doumbia has recently joined the ADS Group as ‘Group Secretary General’, after serving as secretary general for the ‘solar and water’ business unit comprising ADS’s subsidiary Solektra and its projects to support access to energy and water for all in   
Africa. As Secretary General of ADS, Mr Doumbia oversees administrative, legal and financial operations and provides strategic advice to the Chairman to run the company and its 7 business units.
Mr Doumbia brings to ADS Group almost 30 years’ work experience in Africa, where he has always been at the forefront of the battle against poverty. He notably supported a number of government bodies as well as private organisations on specific assignments designed to reducing poverty rates by increasing employment and economic opportunities for Africans.  

Mr Doumbia worked for a long time for the BIT (Bureau International du Travail – International Labor Organisation) as a consultant; one of his key projects included the creation of an Information system about Labor and Migration in West Africa. He also designed strategies to better integrate youngsters in the Labor market, providing advice to various bodies such as ECOWAS (Economic Community of Western African States), United Nations Organization, Malian government, and others.

Mr Doumbia has also developed a specific expertise in writing up business plans for young entrepreneurs who often lack the necessary education and skills to set up a good business development strategy that could earn them funding from banks or access microfinance schemes. He did such work for SOTELMA (the incumbent telecom operator in Mali) when the latter launched its 200 MOBICASH kiosks project. These kiosks were intended to be manned by young entrepreneurs. Mr Doumbia also supervised the development of micro-economic studies about employment.

A Malian national, Mr Doumbia speaks three languages: Bambara, French and English. He holds a Master in Economy from ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration du Mali, National School of Administration of Mali), with a major in Business Management; he is also a graduate from the Universities of Bamako (Mali) and Paris Nanterre (France), with a Post-graduate Degree (DEA (Diplome d’Etudes Approfondies) focusing on Analysis of Development Practices (Analyse des Pratiques de Development – APD).