Our Mission

ADS operates as an integrated platform specializing project management, as well as in the provision of services and equipment, servicing African states, African and foreign multinationals and people of the continent. Depending on the needs identified, we are able to provide support all along the value chain, from project-financing to the delivery of finished products – or we can join at specific stages when our expertise is most relevant.

Helping ambitious African states to deliver against objectives they set on their emergence roadmap

Structure expertise-based partnerships

Become the ‘go-to-partner’ for foreign groups keen to invest in Africa

Innovate to support local economic development and provide African populations with opportunities

Our ambition is to create a new business model, adapted to African ways to operate, relying on agile operation platforms, and able to provide relevant solutions anywhere on the continent. By involving the best expertise – from within  our outside Africa -, we can propose tailored responses. Products and equipment, proven pan-African capabilities, capacity to adjust offers to needs and projects:  at each step, we know how to innovate.