The Sports business forum organized by the Atlantic Council in partnership with NBA Africa brought together policy makers, sportsmen and industry experts to discuss the opportunities sports offers to Africa’s development.
ADS Group Chairman Samba Bathily was honoured to participate in the panel discussion on “Lifestyle, Culture & Sport” as a speaker.
During his speech, he did not fail to affirm that sport can act as an engine of growth and, if it is well developed and mixed with lifestyle, industry can change the game for Africans.


On 22 March, the Mansa Institute of Development (MID) was pre-launched in Cape Verde in partnership with the Instituto Politécnico Democracia e Desenvolvimento (IPDD) and the Digital School Technologies. As a commitment towards building sustainable solutions , MID, the new subsidiary of ADS Group, aims to equip young people with practical skills and knowledge while preparing them for the job market.
The Mansa Institute of Development (MID) will have three management schools of excellence in higher education with a pan-African perspective:

  • Governance and Development
  • Technological Sciences
  • Hotels and tourism


From 22 to 27 March, the first writing camp organized by Social Nation Africa was held in Mindelo, Cape Verde.
This is the first of a long series of camps to be held on the island of Sao Vicente in Cape Verde. These Camps are for Social Nation Africa, an opportunity to bring together at the same place, creative African and Afro-descendants to create texts and produce songs for the music and film industries but especially, show the world that Africans have a talent that deserves to be valued.
As a reminder, Social Nation Africa is the platform created by the ADS group in order to redefine the African creative landscape, bringing together digital content creators and influencers of all genres and providing them with tools and a platform to showcase their work.