Financing a major hydraulic dam

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Financing a major hydraulic dam

The Challenge

The Souapiti dam is one of the largest hydraulic projects ever launched on the African continent and considered as the largest dam in the Republic of Guinea, with an expected power generation capacity of 450 megawatts. It was designed to complement the existing Kaleta Dam and to allow the storage of over one billion cubic meters of water. Souapiti and Kaleta are set to both drive electricity supply in the Republic of Guinea, which is essential to enable the country to progress on the path of emergence.
However, because of its magnitude, Souapiti is a project whose financing proved to be extremely complex and on which the expertise of ADS, via its subsidiary dedicated to project financing ADS Consulting, was required.

“We come to fill the dam, which means that the dam is in very good progress. And, we hope that very soon its electricity will be put on the grid to meet the needs of the populations of Conakry and those living on the connected grid” Amara Somparé

Minister for Information and Communication, Republic of Guinea, August 2019.

The Solution

ADS Consulting has been mobilized to support the financial structuring of the project according to an innovative approach mobilizing international investors as well as companies in charge of delivering the project, including China Water Electric. The financing agreement was officially agreed in September 2018, as part of the seventh China-Africa Cooperation Forum.

The results and next steps

The construction of the Souapiti dam continues today according to plan. The excavation plan has been completed up to 96% and should be operational by 2020.