Creating the Single Africa Digital Market

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Creating the Single Africa Digital Market

First step of the single Africa digital market

Access to digital services and technologies is a prerequisite for Africa’s development. The continent has already demonstrated that it can develop breakthrough solutions in that area, thanks to its talents and tech clusters, which have given birth to applications, projects and technologies that have become references today – in the field of payment and financial services or in agroprocessing in particular. Many projects aimed at creating digital hubs in rural areas have been tested, some are already successful. Universal health coverage is the continent’s last big challenge, and medical kiosks leveraging digital technologies for checks up and treatment already exist. The goal now is to scale up and massively deploy these solutions – which can only be possible within the framework of a pan-African digital telecommunication infrastructure. ADS is supporting the Smart Africa association, dedicated to promoting the digital economy on the continent, in the first phase of this project.

“Our partnership with ADS will further strengthen TCTS’ presence in Africa and enable us to contribute more broadly in the knowledge sharing and nation building initiatives that will enhance competitiveness of the African continent.” Madhusudhan Mysore

Executive Chairman & CEO, Tata Communications Transformation Services, May 2019 .

The Solution

ADS has partnered with Tata Communications Transformation Services, a world leader in the deployment of digital telecommunications infrastructure, to launch a major project out of the Republic of Guinea and Senegal. This western african digital pool bring together a total of seven African countries of all sizes, starting with the Republic of Guinea, Mali and Sierra Leone. The proposed architecture and approach are directly inspired by the Tata Interconnectivity Report presented by Tata at the Mobile Wolrd Congress 2019 in Barcelona. The proposed solutions (aerial fiber optic cables, and fiber optic cable systems in book space) were chosen according to three criteria: fast deployment, compatibility with needs in rural areas and cost-benefit ratio.

The results and next steps

Preliminary studies are underway and focus on the interconnectivity Republic of Guinea-Republic of Mali on the one hand and Republic of Guinea-Republic of Sierra Leone on the other hand. The partners in charge, ADS and Tata Communications Transformation Services, have committed to deploy the required infrastructure within three months after completion of the studies and approval of proposed technical solution.