July 12, 2019 – A call to action on AfCFTA

Jul 12, 2019 | in the media

On the sidelines of the African Union summit in Niamey, Chairman of ADS Group Samba Bathily spoke to BBC Africa about the opportunities opened by the AfCFTA, considering that “the economy is the cement of the political stability” and that the new African single market can be a chance for all African economies – no matter their size. It is the increase in trade between African countries that will offset the decline in revenue from customs duties and taxes on product imports resulting from the AfCFTA Agreement. Samba Bathily invites Africans to look to other regions of the world, notably the European Union, whose prosperity is based on exchanges between its member states representing 50% of their trade. But it also invites other regions of the world to change their perspective and understand how much Africa’s development – on a fair and ‘win-win’ basis – is also in their interest. The fragility of Africa can destabilize the world politically; but its prosperity can make it a driver for global growth.